Reveiw of the 8x5 Single Axle Trailer

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Hartnett Trailers have an 8ft x 5ft Single Axle Car Trailer for sale in Donoughmore, Co Cork and it is one of the best selling trailers that they have.  Why is this such a popular trailer?  Well, here are some of the most attractive features of this single axle trailer:

Firstly, it's a Single Axle which means you don't need a trailer licence to tow it.  This trailer is certified up to 750kg weight so for the person looking for the ideal general purpose trailer, this is perfect.

Secondly, it is actually slightly longer than 8 ft internally which means that for a lot of people, carpenters, self-builders etc. this can carry that 8x4 sheet of plywood or MDF that is too big for most single axles.

Third, chequered steel floor and steel mudguards.  A really sound and solid chequered steel floor means this trailer is streets ahead of those with timber floors.  It is not going to need replacing and will withstand a lot of wear and tear.  The steel mudguards are also strong and durable and allows you to step on them without fear of damaging them and you can now get in and out of the trailer easily.  Many of its rivals only have plastic mudguards which cannot withstand the same level of use and break easily. 

Fourth, ramp back door and tailgate back door.  So the 8x5 general purpose trailer comes with two doors, a ramp door for driving your lawmower or wheel barrow up and into the trailer and can easily accommodate a ride on lawnmower also.  And you also have a small tailgate back door when you need easy access to the back of the trailer for getting stuff in and out quickly. 

Fifth, mesh sides allow you to carry large bulky items and tie them down safely within the mesh cage.  This means this is a safe trailer also.

Sixth, all the other great features that come with the trailer: spare wheel, jockey wheel, safety chain, LED lights, leaf springs, fully galvanized body, lockable hitch, A-frame tow bar.

And not forgetting the price.  Full spec trailer only €1525 including VAT.  All in all, you could not be more satisfied by a trailer.  That's what makes it our best selling trailer.

Check out Hartnett Trailer Sales in Donoughmore Co Cork. 

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